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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the ShutterBug photo booth work?

Walk in, push the button and have fun! Four consecutive pictures will be taken, with time in between each picture to switch poses. Exit the booth to retrieve the pictures.

What are the set-up requirements for the ShutterBug photo booth?

An electrical outlet within 30 feet of the booth location and at least an 8'x 8' area.

What if I want copies of the photos?

After the event, all photos are posted on the gallery on our website for 120 days. Guests can then view and download copies. If you want an enlarged copy of a photo, please contact us. We also provide a CD to the event planner of all the pictures taken.

Can I have my pictures on your website private to myself and my guests?

Yes, your gallery can be password protected. For an additional fee we will provide your guests with a password card, or you can provide it to them at no extra cost.

Can I provide my own Scrapbook?

Yes, however you will need to also supply materials such as scissors, pens etc. and an attendant to put the book together. A cost will be added for the additional prints.

What is the size of the ShutterBug photo booth?

The booth fits 1-12 people. The more the merrier!

How does your ShutterBug photo booth provide favours to guests?

Your prints can be personalized photo graphics or layouts. Let us know if you have a monogram/logo you'd like us to use, or we can work with you to customize a look to suit your event.

Is there a limit to how many photos can be taken at an event?

Absolutely not! Please take as many as you'd like.

What is the standard number of hours for renting the ShutterBug photo booth?

Our packages offer 3 and 4 hour rentals, however we can provide our services for any length of time you'd like.

Does the ShutterBug photo booth print photos on the spot like the ones in the mall?

Yes, however we use digital technology and a high resolution camera that results in high quality pictures. You also get the choice of what picture format you'd like to use.

How far will you travel?

We currently have locations in Windsor, Toronto and Ottawa, but we will travel any where in Ontario depending on our availability. Travel costs may be added.

Can you accommodate an outdoor event?

Yes, provided there is an electrical outlet, a flat/level surface for the booth and cover in case the weather is not desirable.

Do guests pay to enter?

No, the booth is NOT coin operated.

How long does it take for the photos to be posted to your website?

1 to 5 days after the event.

What is needed to reserve a ShutterBug photo booth?

A signed contract and a deposit of $300. Balance is due 14 days prior to event. Cheque and/or cash accepted.

What if I need to cancel?

You may cancel any time, however, the deposit is non-refundable.

Where is the best location for the ShutterBug photo booth at my event?

The best location is in the hall or room your event is taking place in. If the hall can't accomodate the photo booth, the next best spot is the lobby/receiving area.